About  Us

  Hangzhou Crechan Exhibition Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred as“CRECHAN”) is located in Hangzhou, China, capital city of Zhejiang province, one-hour drive to Shanghai.
  Zhejiang province is one of the most developed provinces in China. And it has the biggest number of enterprises’abroad exhibition among all provinces of China. Zhejiang got more than 10000 exhibition booth, accounting for one third of whole enterprises’abroad exhibitions in China.

  CRECHAN is an international exhibition service company specialized in exhibition stand design and construction and reception business travel.
  CRECHAN has established consistent partnerships with exhibition organizers, export companies, other players in the exhibition industry and China local governments. With over 10 years of experience in the international exhibition industry, our management team is equipped with both marketing and operational experience.

To be a reliable International exhibition service company.
Moral standards, Integrated Cooperation, Worldwild vision, Create chance.
provide Chinese companies with the best local services in overesas markets.